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Painting a small surface

Painting a small surface might not seem daunting. But when it involves taller walls and vast space, you should relax and have a group of skilled people do the job.
Sit back and let us do the work, from keeping your things away from the paint to making sure you are satisfied with our performance.
AR Professional Painters aims to offer you ease and use our acquired experience to provide you with a quality finish.
No matter your area’s scale, we always strive to paint and decorate it to perfection, just like how you want it to be

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Our utmost dedication and commitment to our work and business values is the reason why we continue to perform so successfully.

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Our mission is that you are fully satisfied with our service, and for this, we make sure to make the best use of our abilities and know-how in the industry.

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Firstly, we at AR Professional Painters promise you assured results. We use the best paints and brands to make sure your space is painted finely. That is why we first perform an on-site survey to understand your requirements and then, using the best products, finish our work without wasting any time.

Furthermore, our team consists of reliable and experienced painters who perform their work without causing any mess or harm to your space and furniture. You can even go through our previous projects and verify our specialized team from our existing clients. Our reputation is all due to our talented professionals and your faith in our work.

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3 ways to protect yourself from UV radiations

We all know how essential it is to protect ourselves from the UV rays especially in summers. Protection from such rays is not only required outside your house but also inside your home. The ultraviolet radiation might not be as harmful inside your house as it is outside but needs to be taken care of. One must protect themselves from ultraviolet rays as it can cause damage to your skin, eyes, and furniture. Following are the ways you can follow to protect yourself from UV radiations.

Window treatments

Windows are an important part of the house. Today’s architectures and people go for huge windows to increase the house’s aesthetics, but it has a major drawback that it allows too much sunlight into the house, making the house warm and causing sun damage. Such modern problems require modern solutions like installing window shutters, blinds, and tinting. Moreover, if you opt for window shutters, make sure you go for louvered window shutters by window shutters melbourne as it lets light and air to cross through it according to your need. However, they not only stop UV radiations from entering the house but also prevent the house from getting warm. Hence, all the window treatments can be of great value if taken care of properly.


Never ever leave your house without applying sunblock on your skin whether it’s summer or winter. Sunblock protects your skin from damage from UV rays from the sunlight. It creates a barrier between your skin and the sun. however, it does not protect your skin completely therefore, keep yourself safe from the sunlight as much as you can even after applying sunblock. Moreover, make sure you purchase sunblock with Spf 30 and not less than Spf 15. Always go for cosmetics and lotions that have sunblock in them. Hence, add sunblock to your daily routine as it protects you from skin damage and skin cancer.

Wear proper clothes

Whenever you leave home, even if you have applied sunblock make sure you wear proper clothes covering your skin to avoid UV rays. Wear long-sleeved shirts, long trousers, a shaded hat,, and sunglasses to protect ourselves from UV radiations. Moreover, make sure that sunlight is not passing through the clothes you are wearing. If it is, it would be of no use and would not be able to protect you. Furthermore, opt for sunglasses that protect your eyes from the sunlight as a longer stay in the sun can cause specific diseases. However, do not opt for contact lenses as they can cause irritation in sunlight plus they do not cover your eye areas properly.

This article acknowledges three ways to protect yourself from UV radiations. One must try their best to protect themselves from UV radiations as it can cause huge damage and health problems like skin cancer. Proper indoor and outdoor measures should be taken to protect yourself from sunlight like using sunblock, wearing proper clothes covering skin, wearing a hat and sunglasses to protect your eyes. Moreover, to protect yourself inside the house make sure the windows are properly covered with window shutters or you can install blinds.


5) How to store brushes and rollers to have them ready to use.

Home painting can take several days of work and therefore it is essential to take care of the brushes and rollers you use to paint the house . However, cleaning the brushes and rollers after a day’s work can be a very laborious task. This problem and keep the brushes and rollers in excellent condition , saving precious time.

When you’re done painting your house , wipe off the excess paint on the rollers and brushes and wrap them in a common plastic wrap . If necessary, you can also use more layers, the main thing is to try to seal them hermetically. Once wrapped in plastic, store the rollers and brushes in the refrigerator to keep them fresh . The next day you can start painting your house again without having to wash all your equipment each time.
Of course, once you have finished painting your house,

Use the right paint splash protectors.
Even the most experienced people can cause unwanted splashes and splashes of paint when painting a house. In fact, in house painting, paint splatters are a constant in the work regardless of how careful you may be. For this reason it is much easy to prevent their unpleasant effects than to have to remove traces of paint from your carpet or wood parquet. In fact the canvas thanks to its thickness remains more easily in position.you will need to tape them together before starting to paint the house. Also another advantage of the canvas is that it absorbs the paintunlike plastic which remains wet and slippery . In fact, using plastic you will have to pay much more attention if you are going to use stairs to paint the house.

However, regardless of the material used, large splashes or traces of paint should always be removed as soon as possible . They can in fact penetrate through the canvas or create slippery pools on the plastic. In this case it is convenient to stop painting the house and remove the paint with newspaper or old cloth rags .

4 Tips to paint your home and paint like a pro!

1) How to choose the right color for home painting
If you don’t know how to paint a wall or the entire room, a first starting point is to evaluate the color of the main furnishing elements that are in the room or will be placed in it. Choose two or three colors that can best combine with the decor and you will have an initial set of colors to choose from for how to paint a wall. At this point you will be able to buy sample boards on which to spread the chosen colors; the larger the test surfaces, the easier it will be for you to decide whether a color is suitable for painting the house or not.

Generally, we get to be undecided on two colors for how to paint a wall. In this case, place the example tables one in front of the other and slide them sequentially. Surely you will happen to feel more comfortable with one of the two.

2) The right preparation is essential for painting the house
Very often rather than knowing how to paint a wall perfectly, it is advisable to know how to best prepare the wall to be painted. In fact, in painting the house, this is a phase that is neglected or improperly performed. While, in reality, this is the most important step in painting a house. In fact, knowing perfectly the best techniques on how to paint a wall can be useless if the wall is damaged and has numerous imperfections.

Before painting the house, each wall must be brushed to perfection to remove dust. To do this you can use a brush or brushes with stiff bristles. After cleaning the wall, before proceeding to paint the house, it is important to apply adhesive paper tape on the corners and on the window frames and doors.
In fact, professionals, before painting the house, always delimit the sections to be painted with adhesive paper tape to avoid smudging on areas of other colors or that need to receive another treatment.

3) Keep a wall edge always wet when painting the house.
When painting the house it can sometimes happen that streaks form on the walls due to layers of build-up paint. This happens when a second coat is applied to paint that is already partially dry. In a hot, dry climate, latex-based paints can begin to dry in less than a minute.
To paint the house avoiding this problem, the key is to always maintain a “wet edge”. In this way, each stroke of the roller always hits the wet part before it can dry out.

To paint the house and always keep a wet edge, start painting near a corner and move the roller along the entire length of the wall, moving a little with each stroke. Furthermore, when painting the house it is very important that the roller does not become dry. For this reason, refill it often and never wait for the paint to run out.

4)All professionals experienced in home painting know that the color of the paint can vary slightly from one can of product to another. For this reason, before painting the house it is important to accurately estimate the necessary paint and mix it all together before starting to paint the house. In these cases, it is always better to abound rather than find yourself short of paint. The advice once you have estimated the amount of paint needed to paint the house or individual walls is to mix it in 5 gallon (20 liter) plastic buckets. If you have too much paint, you can always pour it back into the cans once you finish painting the house.

Use a roller net to be inserted directly into the bucket. In fact, this will make it much easier to paint the house since you will have to insert the roller in the bucket and then roll it on the net until it stops dripping.

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