We all know how essential it is to protect ourselves from the UV rays especially in summers. Protection from such rays is not only required outside your house but also inside your home. The ultraviolet radiation might not be as harmful inside your house as it is outside but needs to be taken care of. One must protect themselves from ultraviolet rays as it can cause damage to your skin, eyes, and furniture. Following are the ways you can follow to protect yourself from UV radiations.

Window treatments

Windows are an important part of the house. Today’s architectures and people go for huge windows to increase the house‚Äôs aesthetics, but it has a major drawback that it allows too much sunlight into the house, making the house warm and causing sun damage. Such modern problems require modern solutions like installing window shutters, blinds, and tinting. Moreover, if you opt for window shutters, make sure you go for louvered window shutters by window shutters melbourne as it lets light and air to cross through it according to your need. However, they not only stop UV radiations from entering the house but also prevent the house from getting warm. Hence, all the window treatments can be of great value if taken care of properly.


Never ever leave your house without applying sunblock on your skin whether it’s summer or winter. Sunblock protects your skin from damage from UV rays from the sunlight. It creates a barrier between your skin and the sun. however, it does not protect your skin completely therefore, keep yourself safe from the sunlight as much as you can even after applying sunblock. Moreover, make sure you purchase sunblock with Spf 30 and not less than Spf 15. Always go for cosmetics and lotions that have sunblock in them. Hence, add sunblock to your daily routine as it protects you from skin damage and skin cancer.

Wear proper clothes

Whenever you leave home, even if you have applied sunblock make sure you wear proper clothes covering your skin to avoid UV rays. Wear long-sleeved shirts, long trousers, a shaded hat,, and sunglasses to protect ourselves from UV radiations. Moreover, make sure that sunlight is not passing through the clothes you are wearing. If it is, it would be of no use and would not be able to protect you. Furthermore, opt for sunglasses that protect your eyes from the sunlight as a longer stay in the sun can cause specific diseases. However, do not opt for contact lenses as they can cause irritation in sunlight plus they do not cover your eye areas properly.

This article acknowledges three ways to protect yourself from UV radiations. One must try their best to protect themselves from UV radiations as it can cause huge damage and health problems like skin cancer. Proper indoor and outdoor measures should be taken to protect yourself from sunlight like using sunblock, wearing proper clothes covering skin, wearing a hat and sunglasses to protect your eyes. Moreover, to protect yourself inside the house make sure the windows are properly covered with window shutters or you can install blinds.