Home painting can take several days of work and therefore it is essential to take care of the brushes and rollers you use to paint the house . However, cleaning the brushes and rollers after a day’s work can be a very laborious task. This problem and keep the brushes and rollers in excellent condition , saving precious time.

When you’re done painting your house , wipe off the excess paint on the rollers and brushes and wrap them in a common plastic wrap . If necessary, you can also use more layers, the main thing is to try to seal them hermetically. Once wrapped in plastic, store the rollers and brushes in the refrigerator to keep them fresh . The next day you can start painting your house again without having to wash all your equipment each time.
Of course, once you have finished painting your house,

Use the right paint splash protectors.
Even the most experienced people can cause unwanted splashes and splashes of paint when painting a house. In fact, in house painting, paint splatters are a constant in the work regardless of how careful you may be. For this reason it is much easy to prevent their unpleasant effects than to have to remove traces of paint from your carpet or wood parquet. In fact the canvas thanks to its thickness remains more easily in position.you will need to tape them together before starting to paint the house. Also another advantage of the canvas is that it absorbs the paintunlike plastic which remains wet and slippery . In fact, using plastic you will have to pay much more attention if you are going to use stairs to paint the house.

However, regardless of the material used, large splashes or traces of paint should always be removed as soon as possible . They can in fact penetrate through the canvas or create slippery pools on the plastic. In this case it is convenient to stop painting the house and remove the paint with newspaper or old cloth rags .